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OpenAgile is a series of conferences organized by Mozaic Works in collaboration with the agile community in Romania — Agile Works. So far, there have been six conferences: in Bucharest (2009, 2010, 2011), in Iasi (2012), in Timisoara (2012) and Cluj-Napoca (2012).

Past editions

For the last two editions, we ran a separate website, so you can access their content and view the schedule, details about the speakers and media related to the talks (slides and videos).

2012 — Timisoara
2012 — Cluj-Napoca



At the moment, Agile enthusiasts gather in six major cities across Romania. The platform of choice for the coordination of the gatherings is Meetup. In parenthesis you can see the number of members at the end of 2012.

Mozaic Works

Mozaic Works is a proud supporter of the Agile Lean communities in Romania and the rest of Europe. It has vastly contributed to the spread of new ideas that help individuals, teams and companies improve the way they work and maximize the value they bring to their customers. The Mozaic Works coaches and trainers have pioneered the introduction of several Agile and Lean techniques and frameworks such as Scrum, unit testing, business agility, TDD, agile management or Kanban.

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