Carmen Munteanu

Carmen Munteanu

Four years ago I was seduced by Agile and from that moment I devoted myself to learn how to coach teams adopting it and be more productive. Since the beginning of 2011 I became internal coach helping different teams on their journey towards Agility.

Working in the industry of developing software for telecom for the past 15 years I have seen the need, I have seen the benefits and I am convinced Agile is the right path.

For me is important to share my experiences and therefore I am joining Agile communities in my hometown, my country or elsewhere. Agile is of big interest for me, and so is my family and my cat.

Talk: Give your retrospective a chance

The Retrospective is a powerful tool to help teams getting better with time. Even if everybody agrees on this, the reality seams to be slightly different. In my talk I’ll share with you my experience on facilitating retrospectives over the last 18 months: what worked, what didn’t and especially what I missed.

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